Why Use FTS?

Gets deals done!
Many ESOP transactions stall in the middle of the process because they don't have an experienced professional that can help move the process along. FTS is excellent at solving problems and won't let deals stall and not get to closing.

Qualified ESOP Advice
Due to our experience, we can advise you on structuring the overall ESOP, negotiating all the details, developing exit strategies, and knowing how to deal with the psychological impact of all parties involved in the ESOP. These are all important functions that need to be dealt with to get the deal to closing.

Experience in ESOPs & ESOP Owned Companies
FTS has encountered many ESOP transactions and has acted as an Independent Fiduciary for many ESOP owned companies. This experience would be an invaluable asset in any ESOP transaction.

Exceptional negotiator
FTS has experienced many different scenarios in ESOP transactions over the years. Each of these scenarios has allowed FTS to hone their problem solving skills to a fine edge. They will be very helpful in moving ESOP transactions forward to a successful conclusion.

Detailed due diligence program
FTS has developed a due diligence checklist which is used on every ESOP transaction. In addition, FTS is always represented by qualified legal counsel who perform additional due diligence and advise FTS throughout the process.

Extensive knowledge in business valuations
Throughout 29 years of CPA practice, Mr. Potts has been involved with a variety of businesses. He has performed independent audits, served as tax advisor and assisted with both the purchase and sale of business interests. This knowledge is invaluable to FTS when they are given the duty of reviewing and approving a business valuation.

Excellent referral base
FTS has worked with many experts in every phase of the ESOP process. They are more than willing to share these referrals with you when needed... see Testimonials & References.

Competitive fee structure
What we all look for in complicated matters like ESOP transactions is: experience, ethics and professionalism. FTS offers all that along with a very competitive fee structure. What you'll receive from FTS is great value at a fair price.